Elmasonic X-tra line precision

Multi-frequency cleaning line for fine cleaning applications before inspection and coating in the optical industry.

  • 2 different tank sizes: X-tra line precision 300 and X-tra line precision 550
  • multi-frequency technology 25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz
  • the tanks have rounded corners, electro-polished surfaces and specially designed piping to optimize the draining of liquid residues and to prevent entrainment
  • special peripheral units for finest cleaning tasks
    - hot air dryer with special particle filter
    - IR dryer
    - casing in laminar flow boxes for cleaning under clean room conditions
  • manual or automatic robot systems
  • modular system, variable to fit changed requirements
  • optional operating screen with visualization to control and monitor te process
  • datalogger can be integrated in IPC control
  • short delivery times
  • Plug & Clean technology


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